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Stella Blue

One should not be fooled by her sweet and innocent appearance. Half German, half Latina, she embodies a perfect mix from both cultures. Discipline, ambition, honesty and naturalness combined with spontaneity, love of life and the desire for ever new adventures. A young woman, full of energy. She knows exactly what she wants, but never loses her eye for the needs of her counterpart. With her playful, carefree way she immediately attracts any attention when she enters a room.

Through her strong sense of empathy she has a good sense in each situation to act confidently and to give her counterpart a sense of security, warmth and understanding. The art of the sensual proactive seductress dominates Stella as well as the role of the sweet, innocent lover. With her company, every day lifes stress fades and time just seems to stand still. She is also a good listener who not only makes you feel like talking to the other person, but is genuinely interested in helping you with helpful advice. She has a good sense for the needs of the other person and not only addresses them, but fully satisfies them.

Stella also brings a sharp mind, a wealth of experience and and lust to learn. This is also reflected in her diverse foreign language skills. Apart from German, the student speaks fluent English, Spanish and has a preference for French (who would have thought that;))

Stella prefers to spend her free time with reading, with her dog in nature and with sports. Jogging and gym not only provide her with a balance, but also provide her firm body. Curves in the right places radiate sensuality, feminine warmth and eroticism. She is a power woman through and through, what she does is doing it with 110%. Through regular yoga, she not only maintains her inner balance, but is also very flexible, flexible and flexible.

Ageend 20
Eyes Colorbrown
Hair Colorcaramelbrown
ConversationGerman (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (conversation), Spanish (conversation)
HomeFrankfurt - Düsseldorf - Stuttgart
likes to eatFrench cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine
likes to drinkCocktails
Interestsdancing, reading, Yoga
Travel Costs

Secret MissionsEURO
2 Hour Mission "short rendezvous"700,-
3 Hour Mission "rendezvous and drinks"850,-
4 Hour Mission "dinner date"1000,-
6 Hour Mission "long dinner date"1300,-
8 Hour Mission "superior dinner date"1450,-
12 Hour Mission "short overnight and dinner date" (starting 8 pm or later)1750,-
15 Hour Mission "long overnight and dinner date"1900,-
18 Hour Mission "overnight date, dinner and breakfast"2050,-
24 Hour (1 Day) Mission "a wonderful day"2350,-
36 Hour (1 1/2 Day) Mission "addictive liaison"
48 Hour (2 Day) Mission "two days in paradise "