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Fiona Saphir

The sapphire is reminds on a starry night sky over the ocean. Deep dark blue and the radiant sparkle of infinite stars. Sapphire is considered a symbol of the wealth of knowledge. He also stands for peace, peace, love and immortality.

Fiona sapphire is not just a gem by her name. With her radiant beauty and sparkling personality, she captivates everyone. A woman, so beautiful, so special, so rare and precious as a rare gem.

The blond beauty grew up in Germany, but originally had Russian roots. Fiona embodies a successful mix of German and Russian influences. She combines in herself the best and most beautiful, what these two countries have to offer. Of course she speaks both German and Russian fluently.

Fine and harmonious facial features, big light blue eyes and a sensual mouth. The face of an innocent blond doll. But at the same time she has something very profound and that touch of cool elegance. However,her nature is not overcooled at all. She is open-minded, very empathetic and warmhearted.

Fiona is one of those women who radiate class and elegance in principle. She has a good sense of fashion and is very versatile in her demeanor, adaptable and uncomplicated.

Russian women are reportedly known for their beauty. Fiona definitely confirms this. Of course, every man enjoys the presence and the sight of a beautiful woman.

Fiona is not just a beautiful woman, she is an attractive woman! She strives to have the perfect time as a couple and enjoys to the full to create unforgettable moments together.

If she had a slogan, this would be: "She loves to entertain you!"

Ageearly 20s
Eyes Colorblue
Hair Colorblond
ConversationGerman (mother tongue), Russian (mother tongue), English (fluent)
HomeFrankfurt - Düsseldorf - Stuttgart
likes to eatMediterranean cuisine
likes to drinkwhite wine
Intereststraveling, sport, cooking
Travelworldwide around germany
Travel Costs

Secret MissionsEURO
1 Hour Mission "express date - only in the escort agent´s homebase city"600,-
2 Hour Mission "short rendezvous"850,-
3 Hour Mission "rendezvous and drinks"1000,-
4 Hour Mission "dinner date"1150,-
6 Hour Mission "long dinner date"1450,-
8 Hour Mission "superior dinner date"1600,-
12 Hour Mission "short overnight and dinner date" (starting 8 pm or later)1850,-
15 Hour Mission "long overnight and dinner date"2050,-
18 Hour Mission "overnight date, dinner and breakfast"2200,-
24 Hour (1 Day) Mission "a wonderful day"2500,-
36 Hour (1 1/2 Day) Mission "addictive liaison"  4200,-
48 Hour (2 Day) Mission "two days in paradise"4550,-
Every additional Overnight1650,-