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Do you wish to meet a PLANET ESCORT high class escort lady in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen or other places in Germany, or a hot girl somewhere else in the world? 

In the following you will find some more information that might provide you with quick answers to your questions.


How is discretion guaranteed?

The PLANET ESCORT Lady Agents are acting “under cover” on behalf of my Agency, as they perform their exciting missions besides their regular jobs or their university studies. This is why they rely on your discretion as much as you do on theirs. That means: We guarantee absolute discretion, and we expect the same from you. To assure this, I ask you to organise missions exclusively through my Agency.


How are fees calculated?

The rate you are asked to pay is a “lump sum”, it is not subject to negotiation. It covers the amount of time the PLANET ESCORT Lady Agent of your choice will spend with you as well as my introduction and set up activities. Depending on where the mission takes place, there may be additional expenses arising, i.e. travel costs etc. In these instances, we might require you to provide some form of pre-payment.


When and why will a down-payment be asked for?

For missions that require the PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady a longer travel time to reach you, e.g. by plane, a down-payment will be required. In this case, 30% of the fee plus travel costs are payable prior to the mission meeting. Also tickets for trains and planes for your PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady must be paid for in advance – I can of course arrange the booking on your behalf.


When is payment due and how is it to be effected?

We expect you to hand any fees due discreetly to your PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady in cash, preferably in an unsealed envelope, right at the beginning of your mission meeting. You may also transfer the total amount in advance to one of our accounts, using Western Union and in near future also by credit card.


When and to what extent do travel costs arise?

There are no travel costs for missions taking place in the city of residence of your PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady. For missions outside her area of residence, travel costs relate to the cost of train- or flight tickets, taxis, etc. If the PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady travels with her own car, a kilometre-based fee and in case, parking fees will be added to her total fee.


How long in advance do I have to book?

I recommend you to proceed with your booking as early as possible in order to secure that your preferred PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady is available for the date you choose. Booking within the Lady Agent´s area of residence might be possible on the same day, please keep in mind that the Lady needs to prepare for the date so inquire as early as possible. Please give us 1-2 days minimum notice for missions requiring some travelling time by the PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady – for a conveniently smooth realisation.


Can I contact the PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies directly?

Sorry, no. Every arrangement is made through my Agency exclusively. PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies deliberately chose the mediating service I offer them as a safe and reliable platform, as they do not have the time to take care of administrative aspects nor to negotiate rates. They prefer to commit themselves entirely to “ready-made” arrangements. So I am their trusted “go-between” and you are asked to trust as well. The security and discretion generated by this process is also to your own advantage.


Will I really meet the PLANET ESCORT Lady Agent of my choice, the way she is represented on the website?

I guarantee authenticity of the photographs of the PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies. Every picture is an original and actual photograph. Each one of the PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies presented disposes of her own online-portfolio which has been created in close cooperation with our styling-team as well as our house photographers. It is very important to me that PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies contribute their own ideas in building the portfolio to that her actual styles and her appearance is represented realistically.


Photos and words are not enough for me. Is there a possibility for me to meet or talk to the PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady of my choice prior to making a booking?

Of course we offer you the option to become familiar with your favourite PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady prior to making a booking lasting for several days or before a mission taking place abroad. For instance, I might organise a short meeting or a nice dinner for the two of you to get to know each other. Please contact me in order to make a suitable arrangement for an illuminating first encounter.


I am a member of well-known escort reviews site.

Is it of advantage for me if I tell you about it?

In case you are a member of one of the well-known escort reviewing platforms, it would help a lot if you would let us know your nickname on such site. This will be of enormous advantage for you, as it enables me – based on the information provided – to provide you with better advice about which of the enchanting PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies would be the ideal match for you. Also, she then can better relate to your wishes, so that your mission will become the ultimate experience of perfection. In case you are a passive member only (i.e. do not submit reviews), and inform us about, we still appreciate the information.


What if the PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady, in spite of all, should not meet my expectations?

PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies are chosen according to rigorous criteria. Each of the photos published in our webpage is authentic and recent. As a mediating partner, I am very careful about all arrangements and creating harmonic contacts. If despite all that you do not wish to proceed with the mission with the PLANET ESCORT Agent Lady after you have met her, either because the “chemistry”  is not there or because her appearance is too different from what you envisaged from her photos - well, in such a case you may of course step back from the mission. Only expenditure fees to the amount of 150 € will then be due, plus travel costs already arisen. We ask you to make this decision within 15 minutes from the time in which you meet the Escort Lady Agent, or the full fees for the duration of the original mission appointment will be due.


The PLANET ESCORT Agent Ladies also claim their right to recede from a mission if there should not be sufficient sympathy. Should that ever be the case, we beg you not to take that as an insulting behaviour. It is by all means in your interest. For our wish is to provide you with really sincere encounters, in which both parties are interested in each other.



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