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Pole dancing, sport or erotic?

Who does not know, the new trend sport in which women or men show a lot of skin while they stylishly wrap around, in (??? siehe deutscher Text) or on a metal tube. Talking about poledance, many think of a sexy dancer from the strip club. But
is that it? Is Poledance just sexy or rather tough sport? For us it is clearly both! What many do not know is the beautiful positions on the pole, which are spread as photos through social networks, at least are connected with a great effort. Depending on the demands of
the positions, it can even be painful and cause bad bruises. Nevertheless, the appeal
is great, because Poledancers have an incredibly beautiful toned body and are also
super stretchy! For strength, endurance and flexibility are particularly required in this sport. The lack of clothing is due to the fact that one clings to the skin on the pole. With
clothes you would slip off and could not perform the advanced positions. That is where
the bruises come from, because hanging the whole body weight on a stretch of skin brings some people to their limits. The combination of music and dancing brings great fun to the whole act though and makes you even look stunning! The slower and smoother the movements are, the more power is needed and the more impressive they look. Many people believe the dance sport comes from the strip club. In fact, that is true, but the question, how the pole came into the club, remains open! It comes from circus. There were and still are acrobats performing on up to five meter tall, thin poles. The origin of this acrobatics can be found in the Chinese Pole. After the
shows in circus, prostitutes often came to win customers and stood at the tubes used for the show or danced around them. Someone found this extremely sexy and has established it in clubs. So one can say that the pole dance has evolved out of the acrobatics as well as out of the red light district, and just as different it is performed today! In recent years, poledance has become a trend sport thanks to its many advantages. In every big city there are Poledance Studios where courses can be attended. Depending on the specialization of the studio, it is rather acrobatic or it is primarely focused on sexiness and eroticism. Often there are also courses in chairdance, lap dance and burlesque. Who wants to celebrate a hen party, will find special offers with poledance training and sparkling wine, because with friends, of course it makes even more fun! We are convinced that poledance is great and a form of sport that is fun for male as well as female
dancers! It promotes self-awareness and body awareness, as you move excitingly, you might (re)discover how beautiful you are, whether with or without high heels. Therefore, poledance is our absolutely favourite sport!

The rose - from innocence to desire

The red rose is the flower with greatest importance, as it is not only about luxury and prosperity, but above all symbol of love. People used to bathe in rose oil, decorated festive plates with innumerable flowers or spread a carpet of petals on the floor.
How did the red rose become a symbol of love and eroticism though?
According to tradition, Eve secretly broke off a white rose when she was expelled from paradise. She planted the rose branch in the barren soil and watered it with her tears. Eve saved the rose from the Garden of Eden and brought a piece of paradise to earth.
In Greek mythology, the story was continued. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born by the sea. The foam of the sea surf turned into a white rose. Since then, the white rose stands for longing and innocent, pure and faithful love.
The red color was given to the rose only by Aphrodite´s adultery with the beautiful Adonis. When her husband Ares got to know about the lover, he let him be killed. On the way to her dying lover, Aphrodite stepped in rose thorns and colored the flowers red with her blood. The white rose therefore stands for the purity of love, while the red rose symbolizes desire and passion.
Now we ladies know why gentlemen like to give us red roses. No flower in the world is that passionate and meaningful!
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